Thu, Aug 24, 2017
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Cornerstone: Neighborhoods, Data, and Research: How Data and Research Can Inform Your Revitalization Strategy

Instructor: Alan Mallach, senior fellow, Center for Community Progress

What differentiates neighborhoods, and why do things work in some places and not others? In recent years, research studies have begun to offer practitioners valuable insights about the differences between neighborhood conditions and trends, and how those factors affect whether particular strategies will be successful. Alan Mallach will begin by discussing key features of different neighborhood types and what datasets practitioners can use to understand where their neighborhoods fit in. He will then explore how the impact of different neighborhood interventions, such as demolition, rehab and greening, is affected by neighborhood conditions; how to learn what impact an intervention has; and how local officials, CDC leaders, and others can work with researchers to help design the most effective strategies for their communities and evaluate the effects of the strategies they are currently using. This webinar is offered in partnership with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

Information submitted through this form will be shared with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. If you have any questions about registering, please contact Justin Godard at

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